A Midnight Summer Dream – An iPhone Case in Many Sizes


To sleep, perchance to dream, said someone who rarely did either. Old Will Shakespeare was a troubled soul and a troubled old soul was he, even when he was young. Still, he undeniably made his mark on a world mesmerized by his plays and sonnets, though they were created with great pain — the remarkable product of yet one more person who arguably did well despite his udiagnosed — and untreated bipolar 1 disorder.

If he had had this sleek new iPhone he likely could have called someone to bring him back to reality. But then what would the world do without Shakespeare in the Park as a mainstay in many cities around the world?

These uber tough cases use an impact resistant polycarbonate outer shell and inner TPU liner for extra impact resistance. It will keep your phone secure & stylish whether headed to the theatre or someplace far more mundane.

** And by the way, this stunning image was created by a graphic artist somewhere in the world — we just somehow failed to make note of their name in our haste to download and showcase it. If you are the artist, please contact us via the form elsewhere on this site and furnish proof that you are in fact the creator, and you will begin getting one-half the proceeds from sales.

.: Dual layer case for extra durability and protection
.: Impact resistant Polycarbonate outer shell
.: Photographic print quality
.: Clear, open ports for connectivity

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