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Early reviews:

“No other book on the market has such specific, clear advice.” Midwest Book Review

“This book is your mentor and coach through the process – Brilliant!” Brian Bouffard, Attorney, Washington, DC

“A refreshingly tough-minded disability plan.” Kirkus Review, New York City

Are you thinking about applying for Social Security disability benefits?

Or, are you somewhere in the middle of the often frustrating journey toward approval and thinking of giving up?

If so, this book is for you. 

It’s written by someone who has actually been through the incredibly challenging process and has been collecting disability checks for a number of years.

Within its pages, you will learn:

  • The five simple steps to take toward receiving your first check
  • How to determine your disability
  • How to prepare for first contact
  • How to go about collecting every shred of documentation needed
  • The importance of a letter of endorsement from your doctor

In addition, you’ll find invaluable information on:

  • What conditions qualify automatically for disability on the first try
  • What you should say or do to win approval – and what you should NOT say
  • What to expect after you file your first request – the 70/30 rule
  • What to expect if you have to file an appeal – shifting the odds in your favor
  • The arguments for and against retaining an attorney

And finally, we’ll answer these questions:

  • How to make ends meet during the mandatory waiting period
  • How to survive without income for a very long time if need be
  • How much you can earn and still be eligible for disability
  • What the top 10 disabilities are
  • How long you can expect to collect disability benefits


If you only buy one book to see you safely through this tedious and important process, let this be the one.

So we can help guide you to success on your own Disability Journey.

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